God’s Alternative Program

Started in 2019 by Drew Anderson and Tom Nelson, the GAP Program is 9-months of life-leadership training to holistically prepare and equip young adults for TRUE SUCCESS in college, career, family, and life.


This program specifically targets graduating high school seniors, and serves as an alternative to heading straight to college or career from high school.

<< GAP Director, Drew Anderson  at the DBC “Town Hall”

Vision for the GAP Program by
Pastor Tom Nelson

Expected Growth…

Crawl, Walk, Run

In 2019, GAP began at Denton Bible Church as 6 young men were accepted into the program, and GAP Leadership finalized the curriculum and coordinated events for the year. Our “crawl” year had begun!  In May of 2021, the second class of 7 GAP Guys from around the country will complete the program, and our “walk” year will have given the ministry additional valuable insight on how to grow and enrich the program. By the fall of 2021, GAP Guys will be ready to “run”, and a new, parallel program for young women will also be launched.
GAP’s vision is to holistically engage students by: challenging them with knowledge (head), cultivating life-skills (hands), and exposing them to authentic relationships with peers, host families, diverse instructors, and the DBC family (heart). The GAP Ministry Team is excited to welcome the dozens of young adults who will join the program in the coming years!
Drew Anderson and Tom Nelson discuss the GAP vision on a local radio show >>

Overview of the GAP Program
(Students’ Perspective)

GAP Logo – Guys

God’s Alternative Program’s logo is symbolic of a warrior. The “G” uses the negative space to create a warrior’s helmet.  It  also has a visibile gap in the bottom, which forms the warrior’s shoulders and a literal gap in the letter.


The logo is sharp and striking, like a warrior prepared for battle and reminds the observer that this program will help those who go through it to put on the full armor of God.

<< The GAP logo was drawn by graphic artist, Jonathan Gallegos

GAP Logo – Girls

The GAP Girls logo features a companion “G” that is encircled in gold and green. The leaves reflect the potential for growth the program offers young women, and gold symbolizes the precious nature of a well-rounded young lady who has found her true identity in Christ. The “G” is strong, yet delicate, reflecting that GAP Girls will learn how to clothe themselves in strength & dignity while also learning how to smile at their future. (Proverbs 31:25)

<< The GAP logo was drawn by graphic artist, Jonathan Gallegos