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GAP is rooted in the Word of God, equipping young women with disciplined confidence in the spiritual, personal, and relational areas of life.


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GAP cultivates distinctive courage enabling young women to be faithful, adventurous, and to press on regardless of her circumstances.


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The program develops strong young women through a purposeful calling of biblical womanhood and servant-hearted service.


GAP will expand students understanding of God's Word while following the Biblical model presented throughout Proverb 31.


Our culture is making every effort to define the identity of young adults apart from the Bible, and GAP gives foundational training to counterbalance this impact.


GAP exposes students to authentic relationships with peers, families, and a diverse set of instructors. This Biblically based, holistic approach can translate into TRUE SUCCESS.

Life Skills

GAP provides exposure to an array of skills needed to navigate life, family, college and career.


GAP for young women provides 9-months of life-leadership training that will holistically equip students for true success in college, career, family, and life so they can smile at their future (Proverbs 31:25). Gen Z needs women who will “stand in the gap” for their beliefs, for their churches, and for their families (Ezekiel 22:30).


GAP trains young women to prepare for a life of hard work and dedication. The program looks to build a work ethic that applies to the diverse experiences of life, but also a service ethic for the church, community, and creation. For those who are not idle ( Prov 31:27), GAP will give students courage to define TRUE SUCCESS differently than the world.


Churches and families need women who have confidence to “stand in the gap” against the attacks of socialism, post-modern relativism, and anti-theism. GAP prepares young women with the biblical theology, worldview, and apologetics to give a confident, faithful defense of the gospel at college, at work, and in their homes.


GAP’s mission is to give students what they need for TRUE SUCCESS- true, biblical, godly success- success as God defines it. Our young women will acquire the skills needed to live an enriched, purposeful, life of service where they will be both salt and light. “But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Prov 31:31)

GAP Instructors & Leaders


Drew Anderson

GAP Program Director

Drew oversees GAP and is the Marriage and Family Pastor at Denton Bible Church.


Tom Nelson


Tom is the head pastor of Denton Bible Church and is a key instructor in DBC's discipleship programs.


Charles Stolfus


Charles is the executive pastor of Denton Bible Church and is the head of our Lay Institute.

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GAP Girl's Coordinator

Coming soon! We are eager to share more about the future GAP Girls Program Coordinator.

2020-21 GAP Program Accepting Applications for Enrollment Starting February 1, 2021.